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AM I A UNICORN - £6.99

Introducing the first release from Grace Publishers Ltd.
'Am I a Unicorn' is an enchanting book for the early years age range. The story focuses on the issue of self-identity and this is sensitively explored through the eyes of a young child.

Based on the author’s own experiences, a little girl struggles to understand where she fits in as a dual heritage child. With beautiful rhyming throughout that young children will love to repeat and hear over and over, the tale comes to a delightful conclusion where the main character comes to realise that our differences are to be celebrated. “Am I a unicorn? No, I’m wonderfully me!”

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Naomi Asante is an Early Years Practitioner with a passion for race equality and civil rights.

Naomi is of dual heritage being of Ghanaian and Welsh descent. She is a Christian believing that we are all equal in the sight of God and would encourage children to be proud of who they are.